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New Book Releases 2017

Posted by on February 16, 2017

I have several books positioned for release on Amazon Create Space in February and March. The first is my novel.

Yes, finally, after twelve years of persistent work, my novel is now available through Amazon and Create Space.

Three Plumes of Judas – a novel


It can be ordered now through my Create Space eStore page:

For more info, media, and additional ordering details, go to the “Three Plumes of Judas” link at the top of this page (upper right side).


Next is a re-release of my first major book, Journey to the Maya Underworld, originally published in 1989. It is now available at Amazon and Create Space ( Here is the write-up:

“At age 22 in 1986, the author journeyed to Mexico and Central America to explore ancient Maya temple sites. He also fell in love with the modern Maya people, visiting remote villages and learning about the Maya calendar. Along the way, traveling on a shoestring for almost four months, he made many friends and had unexpected realizations about his own identity. A ritual circuit around the four corners of the Maya world was completed, from Mexico City to Oaxaca, Chiapas, Guatemala, Belize, Quintana Roo, Yucatan, Palenque and northward, back to the States. At the end of his journey, recently release from jail, he arrived home with 12 cents in his pocket, all his belongings stolen, reflecting on his first introduction to the Maya world. It was the beginning of a career as an independent scholar of Maya Studies which has spanned more than 30 years, reconstructing ancient Maya cosmology and the ancient Maya understanding of the enigmatic and much misunderstood 2012 date. This travelogue was initially written in 1988-89. It is now, finally, offered with a new preface and end notes, providing a glimpse into the origins of the author’s work, delving deep into Maya thought, religion, and calendar science.”


The re-release contains a new preface, 97 new end-notes, and four appendices, which are online here for free:  382 pages. ISBN 978-0-9985868-1-6.


My third new offering is a critique of error-riddled and flawed treatments of 2012 and my work by professional scholars, titled:

Ivory Tower, House of Cards: How Scholars and Their Publishers Violate Science. ISBN: 978-0-9985868-2-3.
162 pages. Maya Studies, Academic Ethics.
Available at Amazon and Create Space.


This book is a narrative of over two decades of exchanges with scholars, their academic publishers and employers, and the professional association that oversees and validates them. It focuses on recent exchanges, largely in 2015, and documents a series of officially filed error lists and complaints regarding scholarly errors needing correction, and the responses of the publishers, the science agency (NASA), and committees (the AAUP) that are appointed to oversee and uphold academic standards.  A bizarre world of contradictions, evasions, bigotry, and sanctioned character assassination is exposed, indicting an elite club of Ivory Tower scholars, friends and colleagues engaged in sloppy research and guild protection whose behavior violates science and threatens their bastion of unethical self-interest with immanent collapse, like a flimsy house of cards.

The online appendices for this book are here:



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