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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Intentional Embedding or Quadruple Coincidence?

Parsing out the two scenarios (see previous post for the context). Scenario number 1. The astronomers and scribes associated with the court of Lord Jaguar are working to craft his rhetoric of power. All kings need this. He is a reformer and within months of his accession to rulership in 644 AD he launched his … Continue reading »

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Lord Jaguar and 2012

Here is an excerpt from an essay I wrote largely in mid-2010, and finalized in early 2012. The astronomical evidence on Tortuguero Monument 6 strongly suggests that Lord Jaguar (b. 612 AD) was aware of the alignment of December solstice sun with the Dark Rift / Crossroads on December 21, 2012 ( The question arises … Continue reading »

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