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New Book Releases 2017

I have several books positioned for release on Amazon Create Space in February and March. The first is my novel. Yes, finally, after twelve years of persistent work, my novel is now available through Amazon and Create Space. Three Plumes of Judas – a novel It can be ordered now through my Create Space eStore page: … Continue reading »

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Maya Cosmogenesis 2012: 20th Anniversary

Twenty years ago, in April of 1995, I recorded and released a series of my articles in an audiotape I titled “Mayan Cosmogenesis 2012.”  It was sold through my Four Ahau Press mail-order catalog and the Borderland Sciences Research Foundation catalog. This audiotape can be considered the first publication of the breakthrough discoveries diagnostic of my … Continue reading »

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Life, Innovative Writing, and the Enjoyable Read

The past two years have been challenging as I take stock of 25 years as an independent  researcher and freelance writer. I was blessed to be in love with a wonderful, special  woman for 16 years, through much of this time, but alas the changes in life can pull people apart.  Married for 14 years, … Continue reading »

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The Chandler & Price Pilot press

In the letterpress printing world, you have presses in many size ranges. The larger floor models have a big flywheel and a foot treadle. They are a “platen” design because two flat surfaces, the platen and the bed, are designed to slam head-on to make the printing impression. Another design is the small cylinder press, … Continue reading »

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Thinking About 2012 op-ed

Thinking About 2012 (op-ed piece for news distribution) John Major Jenkins. October 14, 2010 We have all heard something about 2012. The movie that came out last Fall triggered a lot of media attention. As the author of The 2012 Story: The Myths, Fallacies, and Truth Behind the Most Intriguing Date in History, a recent … Continue reading »

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Intentional Embedding or Quadruple Coincidence?

Parsing out the two scenarios (see previous post for the context). Scenario number 1. The astronomers and scribes associated with the court of Lord Jaguar are working to craft his rhetoric of power. All kings need this. He is a reformer and within months of his accession to rulership in 644 AD he launched his … Continue reading »

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Lord Jaguar and 2012

Here is an excerpt from an essay I wrote largely in mid-2010, and finalized in early 2012. The astronomical evidence on Tortuguero Monument 6 strongly suggests that Lord Jaguar (b. 612 AD) was aware of the alignment of December solstice sun with the Dark Rift / Crossroads on December 21, 2012 ( The question arises … Continue reading »

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My House

Some reflections. This is where I live:   It was built in 1915 and has the original windows, floors, and radiators. Great little place and I’m grateful to be here. Back in the summer of 2005, I was scheduled to speak in England, but at the last minute the flight was cancelled and there was … Continue reading »

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Censorship and the Self-Appointed Stalkarrazi

In early 2013 there was an uproar around the fact that Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake had given presentations at the TED talks which were then removed from the archive of the TED talks website. It was ostensibly because of allegedly “unscientific” approaches but, as Hancock revealed it had more to do with one or … Continue reading »

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New Beginnings

This site will be the go-to place for all my various activities. It will cover the full spectrum of my writings, events, travels, discoveries, research, printing, art, poetry and song. As the spirit moves I’ll share retrospectives on the writing life, previous and ongoing research, reflections on 2012, new projects and social commentary, excerpts and … Continue reading »

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